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Let’s Do an Updo Westeros Style

Khaleesi Updo

“Sinong may free time sa trabaho? Si Rozza!:D”

I posted this quick back-selfie on Facebook and WeChat last July. I was bored at work since my workload that day was relatively light(unlike now, I have 6AM-6PM shifts PLUS additional overtime and this will be my schedule FOR THE WHOLE MONTH. Ugh.) My sister said it looked like an updo from Game of Thrones, while a friend asked how it was done. It looks complicated, but it’s pretty easy to do. I did it to myself with no mirror within 15 minutes. So I made a tutorial with my sister, Yna, as my model. I made the braids in this tutorial tighter so it’s easier to see the steps.

Khaleesi Updo step 1STEP 1:  Divide your hair into three french braids, with the middle one narrowing as you get nearer to the nape. Secure the ends of your braids with large bobby pins which we’ll use later to secure the bun.

Khaleesi Updo step 2STEP 2: Tie the two side braids together.

Khaleesi Updo step 3STEP 3: Loop the center braid over side braids’ knot, and slip it in the gap between the left braid and the center braid.

Khaleesi Updo step 4STEP 4: Now loop the center braid over side braids’ knot, and slip it in the gap between the right and center braid. Hide the end of your center braid by tucking it in between the left and center braid UNDER the side braids’ knot. If your hair is longer, just repeat steps 3 and 4 then tuck the end of your braid under the side braids’ knot. Use the big bobby pin to lock your center braid into the bun.

Khaleesi Updo step 5STEP 5: Now we have something that looks like a braid hybrid of a chignon, but we’re not yet done. Tuck your left braid in the gap between your right and center braid and secure with the bobby pin. Then tuck your right braid to the other gap and lock it too with a bobby pin.

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