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Let’s Do an Updo Westeros Style

Khaleesi Updo

“Sinong may free time sa trabaho? Si Rozza!:D”

I posted this quick back-selfie on Facebook and WeChat last July. I was bored at work since my workload that day was relatively light(unlike now, I have 6AM-6PM shifts PLUS additional overtime and this will be my schedule FOR THE WHOLE MONTH. Ugh.) My sister said it looked like an updo from Game of Thrones, while a friend asked how it was done. It looks complicated, but it’s pretty easy to do. I did it to myself with no mirror within 15 minutes. So I made a tutorial with my sister, Yna, as my model. I made the braids in this tutorial tighter so it’s easier to see the steps.

Khaleesi Updo step 1STEP 1:  Divide your hair into three french braids, with the middle one narrowing as you get nearer to the nape. Secure the ends of your braids with large bobby pins which we’ll use later to secure the bun.

Khaleesi Updo step 2STEP 2: Tie the two side braids together.

Khaleesi Updo step 3STEP 3: Loop the center braid over side braids’ knot, and slip it in the gap between the left braid and the center braid.

Khaleesi Updo step 4STEP 4: Now loop the center braid over side braids’ knot, and slip it in the gap between the right and center braid. Hide the end of your center braid by tucking it in between the left and center braid UNDER the side braids’ knot. If your hair is longer, just repeat steps 3 and 4 then tuck the end of your braid under the side braids’ knot. Use the big bobby pin to lock your center braid into the bun.

Khaleesi Updo step 5STEP 5: Now we have something that looks like a braid hybrid of a chignon, but we’re not yet done. Tuck your left braid in the gap between your right and center braid and secure with the bobby pin. Then tuck your right braid to the other gap and lock it too with a bobby pin.

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Get Pretty Waves While Drying Up Your Hair

I love having big-curls-bordering-on-wavy type of hair. I’m the only one in our family who has straight hair(got it from grandpa), so while every girl in the country was brainwashed to achieve rebond-ala-Rejoice-commercial, I dreamt of having mom’s long romantic waves. I got my first perm during my fourth year in college, my hair was in between a long bob and shoulder length so something must be done. During the first few months of my perm, I ended up looking like Carles Puyol of FC Barcelona (good thing I have Futsal for P.E., looked pretty bad-ass with my curls bouncing while playing) since the stylist used small-ish rollers and digi-perm wasn’t that much of a thing yet unlike today. I used hair mousse while my hair was damp to control the frizz. Having curls made my hair pretty low maintenance since you can’t do much to them except maybe tie them in a pony tail that looks like a puffy ball of hair. Pretty ideal if you’re going through thesis, tons of extracurricular school activities, and etc.

short perm

Rockin’ my short permed locks back in 2010.

My curls eventually grew out and when they were about 5 inches below my shoulders, they turned into waves that could be twisted into a group of curls like Goldilocks’. And the awesome thing about having an old perm? It now responds to curling iron! MAJOR YEY! When my hair was still straight, no rollers or curling iron could give my hair curls that last more than 3 hours, even with hardcore hairspray.


My curls about 20 months after I had a perm, with my friend Sanchi in our thesis exhibit.

When I want my hair to be extra fabulously gorg, I curl my hair 1-inch square section at a time using 1.5 inch barrel curling iron. Then I flip my hair over to the front by bending down forward, finger comb my hair to loosen the curls a bit then spray it with Vo5 Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hair Spray.

Whatever’s left from my first perm got chopped off after I colored my hair ombre last year so I got a digi-perm last January from Tony and Jackey’s Bangs Hair Salon. This time, my curls were more of a cross breed between Kpop curls and beachy waves instead of cherubim-ish curls I got during my first perm. When I want my hair to look more put-together instead of just random waves, I follow the tip my stylist taught me  to enhance my curls’ look while he was drying my hair. No curling tools needed!


Curling magic.

We’ll only use one product which is Stylist Wonder Curling Wax from The Face Shop. I discovered this product from an office mate of mine. She gave her unfinished tub to me since she went back to having straight hair and I really like how well it holds my curls while keeping your hair soft to touch. Now for the tutorial! I’ll be teaching you the simple steps that were taught to me by the stylist from Tony and Jackey. He used a different hair product but our Wonder Curling Wax will do just fine.

Camera 360

You’ll just have to excuse the awful photo quality, I was rushing to do my hair since it’s ALMOST 8AM and my boss is about to arrive!

1. Start with damp hair sectioned into two. Using your fore finger, scoop up a some curling wax as you would on an icing on a cake. Put it in your palm and rub it to heat the product a bit.

2. Section one side of your hair again into two and spread the wax using both hands to the two new partitions you just did.

3. Twist the two smaller partitions on one side inward their divide, so they are twisted in opposite directions. It’s important for them to be twisted in different directions so the twists won’t get joined together when it dries.

4. Do step 3 on the two smaller partitions on the other side. You could add more wax to the tips to lock the curls better. Now let it dry.

Yes I know, I have MAJOR dark roots and I’m just letting it get longer and longer with impunity. My ombre color let’s me off the hook.

5. Flip your hair over to your front and finger comb your hair to multiply your curls. Aaaaand…

Camera 360

Quick selfie for this post.

Tadaa! Awesome curls sans rollers or curling iron. I think this will work just fine for those who have naturally wavy hair, since my perm is already 8 months old now and when it’s not styled like this, it’s just loosely wavy.

Camera 360

Here’s a close-up of my hair for good measure.

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