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So My Forehead Decided to Act Ten Years Younger (Not in a Good Way)

Zits. Across my forehead. This is bad bad baaad. It’s like sophomore year in high school all over again.

After finally having a decent skin care regimen to stick to, I succeeded on clearing up my skin of major blemishes and make my complexion glow like a cherub’s for the past few months. That is, until my forehead decided to do a turnabout.


Last selfie I took more than a month ago before my pores revolted against me. See? I was so glow-y! And with no makeup! =_=

I think it started with the flesh-colored mini bumps I got after trying out the Caviar Peptide Mask from Watson’s. They weren’t pimples, so I was like, “Meh, my exfoliant will take care of that.” But it still persisted. So I tried tea tree oil since it works on small pimples I get every now and then and some of the bumps did disappeared .

But things got REALLY worse after I tried Etude House’s Precious Mineral BB Cream. Since my summer tan already faded and my Maybelline foundation is now a shade darker so it doesn’t match my current skin tone, I was in the look out for a new tinted moisturizer. I was eyeing NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer even though it’s a bit expensive since I think if you’re going to spend a lot of money on makeup, it should be on foundation/tinted moisturizer and mascara. But mom got the BB Cream from her boss for free so I tried it instead.

preciousmineralbbcreambrightfit14000I actually liked the BB Cream. It’s light weight, I liked the pearly finish, and its SPF is as high as NARS’. The only down side I initially noticed was I got more oily than normal, needing two sheets of oil blotters by noon instead of only one. The zits started to appear a week after, one on the cheek, a small one on the jaw line, and another on the forehead. I was pretty sure that it’s the BB cream that’s causing me to break out since it’s the only new product I’ve been using. After two weeks of use, I decided to give the BB Cream back to my mom. I thought giving my skin a rest from makeup would be sufficient to make my zits would go away but nope, still have ’em.

Camera 360

My forehead as of December 5, looks less awful due to lighting.

Aside from the BB Cream, I guess work-related stress (three weeks of heavy work load WITHOUT SUNDAY REST DAY) and PMS also made it worse. Even my boyfriend and co-workers noticed my zits now. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask helps in calming the redness but only for a day and my tea tree oil does nothing to heal it now that it’s pretty bad. I’ll try Mario Badescu’s Drying Cream since I’ve read a lot of good reviews from it online, some even said it only takes 2-3 days for the pimples to completely heal. For a long term fix, I’ll be looking for skin care with BHA or retinol in the ingredient list. I’ll just post an update next week if my forehead will get better. I just wish it won’t get any worse.

rozza authorbox wideUPDATE Feb 2014: Okay after more than 2 months since this post, I’m still breaking out. Now it’s mostly along my jawline and chin so there’s a big probability that this is not caused by one product and I’m suffering from hormonal acne. So I guess Etude House’s BB Cream is off the hook(but still too oily for me). I’m currently using their AC Clinic Daily Toner and Moisturizer and Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleanser and Drying Lotion(as a weekly spot treatment, too harsh for daily use). I have fewer breakouts now, but my face is still left with dark spots from old acne. Will post updates in the future if my new regimen will clear my face up totally. Wish me luck!



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