Daddy’s Omakase Birthday Lunch

Two weekends ago, Yna and I went home to Laguna to celebrate Dad’s 55th birthday. Our budget was Php1,000/pax since our original plan was to have lunch at Gourmet Farm in Silang, Cavite but the weather was acting like a total B so Dad decided to go for  Omakase instead. It is a Japanese restaurant in the new Molito Mall in Alabang.

Happy Birthday Dad 1

(L-R)Our paternal grandma Mommy Lily, me, our Mommy Meng, Ate Yna, and Daddy Edwin. Only half smiles for now since we’re still hungry, we’re more photogenic most of the time, I swear.

We ordered Shoyu Ramen since all birthday celebrations in our family requires noodles for long life. Plus, we totally needed the soup to warm us up since it was raining heavily when we arrived.

Camera 360We ordered a Mt. Fuji Roll, a rice roll with tuna in the middle and unagi and cream cheese(yay no mayo!) on top. It’s the first time I tried eating a maki(is this a maki?) since most maki I encounter has some sort of mayo on it or with it(we could just say that me hating mayo is an understatement.)

Mt Fuji Roll OmakaseWe also tried Nana’s Wings(some sort of chili wings), a serving of Omakase(beef tenderloin) steak, and 8 pieces of Ebi Tempura. Ate Yna liked Nana’s Wings’ level of spiciness which is deliciously hot but tolerable.

Nanas Wings OmakaseThe Ebi Tempura was Mommy Lily’s order(I still ate two even though I’m allergic to shrimps, hoho thank you antihistamines!) The breading was light and crispy, while the shrimps inside are juicy and fulfilling(unlike SOME Jap restos who cheat their customers by slicing the shrimps IN HALF).

Ebi Tempura Omakase

But the star for me is the Omakase steak. The meat was tender while the sauce was savory sweet. If ever I’ll come back to Omakase, I’ll order a serving of this steak for me alone. It’s the best tenderloin steak I’ve had recently.

Omakase SteakDad opted for a separate Beef Bento which is a meal complete with Miso soup, sushi, Beef Teppan, potato salad, and rice. Beef Bento OmakaseFor our desserts, Dad’s bento meal has a complementary vanilla ice scream while the rest of us ordered a tempura ice cream and a green tea ice cream. I’m a matcha milk/ice cream junkie, and Omakase’s green tea ice cream is way better than Fruits In Ice Cream’s. It reminded me of matcha flavored milk that I used to buy when I visited my brother in Taipei. The tempura ice cream was disappointing since most of the ice cream inside the tempura breading already melted.

Omakase Desserts

Here is the price breakdown of our meal:

Shoyu Ramen             190.00

Mt. Fuji Roll                295.00

Nana’s Wings              150.00

Omakase Steak          360.00

Ebi Tempura              425.00

Beef Bento                   375.00

Tempura Ice Cream   95.00

Green Tea Ice Cream 80.00

The food, plus two cups of extra rice, Yna’s iced tea, service charge, and then deduct Mommy Lily’s senior citizen discount – our bill was around Php2,200: waaaay below our allotted budget and more importantly, the food was awesome. You can find Omakase in Molito Mall, Alabang. They also have branches in Ayala Triangle Gardens, Intrepid Plaza Bldg, Libis, and in Il Terrazzo Mall, in Quezon City.

It was a great break after days of heavy workload in the office, and no bed relaxes me more than our childhood bed in Laguna. And as dessert for this post, here’s me and Yna making faces while on our way to Omakase.

Camera 360

Yes our sweet smiles could give you diabetese. Lol JK.

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  1. Want to eat there too! Prices look reasonable. 😀

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