5 Tips for Stress-free Sale Shopping

Sales are cropping up all over the metro! As another fashion season ends, your favorite stores are making space for new stocks and inching to get rid of their old items. The result – good, quality pieces at discounted prices.

However, most shopping lovers hate going to sales. More than the crowds, they were haunted by the items they bought on sale that they quickly regret. I used to be one of those people. I really dread going to sale events even as a kid. But since I started shopping with my own money, insane discounts can be so hard to resist. So instead of foregoing discounts, I developed shopping tactics that I especially use during sale events.

  1. Always set a budget – Every shopping trip should always have a budget, but budget becomes even more important during sales. Discounted prices can be so tempting. Without a budget, more often than not, you will end up spending more than you intend to. Don’t get fooled that you racked up some savings because you got shoes at 50% off, after all, no money was added to your account. Before going to the mall have a budget and stick to it. If you see a lot of cute pieces and their total price exceeds your budget, let go of the ones you least liked. You will most likely forget about those pieces during the next sale.
  2. Have a list – Impulse buying can be dangerous during sale.The crowds, discounted prices and sensual overload can dim your decision-making skills. Think about it, most things you regret buying on sale came from impulse buying. If you have a list, you can keep your focus – you can keep your eye only on the items you need and be more discerning on your choices. Keep in mind that you do not have to get all the items on your list. Your budget should always trump your list.
  3. Don’t lower your standards – Just because you got it on sale, doesn’t mean its okay for it to be less than perfect. Check the stitching, check the zipper, is it clean, does it have any stain? If the product has any defect, let it go. It is no longer a great steal even with the discount. This also applies whenever buying clothes or shoes that don’t fit. If it is too large, think how much would it cost to have it altered. If it is too small, how can you wear it? You just might end up giving the item away. If the shoes hurt your feet, even if they are so cute and cheap – let it go, it is not worth the pain. Only buy products that are in good condition and suits you perfectly. Stick to your standards for a no-regrets shopping experience.
  4. Shop early – I still have vivid memory of waiting outside SM Makati with my Mommy Lily for the store to open. I will even stand erect and sing-along with employees during the National Anthem. There are a lot of advantages in shopping during the first few mall hours – 1)very little crowds even during on sale, 2)salespersons are friendlier, and 3)the items are still neatly arranged. You don’t have to compete for the item you have your eye on or the attention of the salesperson to get the size you need. You can choose at ease, no distracting fellow shoppers looking at the same rack you are looking at. And, no line at the fitting room or at the cashier. For shoppers who hate going to sale events just because of the crowds, shopping between 10am to 12 nn takes care of that issue.
  5. Look around first, before heading to the cashier – We have all been through it. Right after paying at the cashier, we see an item similar to the one we just bought, only it is better and cheaper. Don’t let it happen to you again. Make sure you have surveyed the whole place before heading to the cashier. If you chance upon two similar items that you both like, fit them both. Make the decision right before you head to the cashier. Department stores now have carts you can use to just pile on the stuff you want as you go through the whole store. Disregard the items that didn’t pass your standards or the stuff you no longer feel like buying. Don’t feel guilty or get shy leaving them to the salesperson – since you shopped early, they are still not stressed and will gladly take it from you. Don’t be content with surveying the place once, if you want to be really sure g0 through the whole store again.

I hope these tips help because the surely work for us. There are still more tips that comes to mind, but I’ll just save them for part 2. If you have awesome sale shopping habits you like to share, feel free to do so on the comments box.

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